SSO Registration Rajasthan Login

Having an identity is the requirement these days. Rajasthan Government established an unique unit. Indeed It named Single Sign on Identity (SSO). A user can access it by enrolling to official site of SSO Rajasthan. SSO Registration Rajasthan Login gives lot many of services. Certainly the e-service grants the access to other identification portals too.

Rajasthan has always been keen on the services. Indeed it provided users with every updated e-service. The government of Rajasthan believes in upgradion. It believes every citizen should be at ease in pursuing the identification. Furthermore, it provides an easy way to access national schemes too.

SSO Registration Rajasthan Login

SSO Registration Rajasthan Login:

SSO Registration Rajasthan Login has been an thinkable step indeed. A Unique Digital Identity like SSO proves to be recognition for services as following:

  • Bhamashah ID
  • Aadhaar ID
  • 3.Udyog Aadhar Number (UAN)
  • Business Register Number (BRN) etc.

Furthermore SSO Rajasthan is integration of Udyog (employment) and Government Jobs Specific schemes. The schemes and services are included on a single portal.

SSO is the easiest way of identification so far. The reliable system ensures all aspects of data security. The portal doesn’t allow any malfunction indeed.

Steps for SSO Registration Rajasthan Login

The entire procedure for application of SSO is as following:
Step 1: Log on to the official website of SSO Web Portal. Visit The official website comes with the user manual. Make sure you abide the regulations and conditions.
Step2: As soon as you enter the home landing page. Either you can login using the user name or else begin with new registration.
Step3: Complete the process with required information. Verification of details like mobile, address and nationality is must. Make sure the fake documentation can exclude the report permanently.

Eligibility for SSO Registration Rajasthan Online:

  • Candidate Should be permanent citizen of Rajasthan. Whether his a worker, poor and rich everyone can apply.
  • Udhyog ( Business and Industries) of Rajasthan. Every small and big start-ups and business can help enrolling for the scheme.
  • SIPF users and state government employees.

The eligibility criteria create sense as it gives access for the ease. Furthermore, the creative state centric idea will help citizens within.
In order of some difficulties or issues the candidate can seek help. Contact them on following number.

  • Contact Helpline Number : 0141-5153222, 0141-5123717
  • E-Mail Id :

Some facts about Single Sign on Identity Rajasthan are as following:

  • Initaitive name for the scheme is SSO Registration Rajasthan.
  • It is launched and developed by Government of Rajasthan.
  • Advantage of the scheme belongs to citizens of Rajasthan.
  • The registration and enrolment fee is zero. It is free of cost.
  • The objective of the initiative is to provide the access over the single portal.
  • Benefit and ease includes the entire activities through a single ID. Furthermore An SSO ID can help carry out multiple transaction together.

Advantages and Benefits of SSO Registration Rajasthan Login:

  1. Firstly the unique establishment of Single key can make it easy to access the applications. A single key or card can create ease of using the schemes. Gradually it becomes easy to remember the single id. And reduces the efforts of remembering various login details. The separate detail for every feature is hectic task.
  2. Meanwhile the e-service portal accomplished the digital feature. Digital access could help to mobilize the state. Also it initiates the literacy and technical understanding of citizens.
  3. For welfare of citizens.

In this way Rajasthan citizens can avail the schemes and services. The ease of access with single username reconnects the documentation. Government have truly inhibited a creative approach to reconcile the needs.
Till the time Rajasthan Citizens have availed the SSO ID and improving day by day. Soon with the positive results other states will incorporate the same. The Emitra SSO –ID is a friendly approach.

What does SSO stands for?

Single sign on Identity. Generally there exist different identity schemes like Aadhar card, Udyog Aadhar card and Bussness identification. It becomes difficult to abide all at single instincts. Therefore, Rajasthan State Government thought of initiating a single identity platform for all. SSO Registration Rajasthan Login provides all credentials at one step.

I am from Maharashtra, can I apply for SSO?

Single Sign on Identity is only Rajasthan Centric Government project. The eligibility criteria suggest the requirements. Being a permanent Rajasthan Citizen is the first criteria. Therefore, you cannot apply as you don’t fit into the regulations.

What is advantage of SSO?

For instance, consider the scenario where one needs to remember and enrol for multiple identity cards. It is terrible to upload and verify documents at every platform.
Meanwhile SSO- Single Sign on Identity allows the candidate the single identity scheme for the entire process. SSO creates the ease of accessibility and maintains the identity. The sophisticated approach by the state government of Rajasthan is commendable.

What are the required documents for Rajasthan SSO ID?

The documents are required for upload purpose. They include Aaadhar Card. It is universal throughout nation. An identity of Citizenship of Rajasthan and further address details are required. The SSO ID is applicable to all Rajasthan Citizens.
Below is the formulated list of required documents.
Bhamashah Card
Aadhar Card
Jan Aadhar Card
Google id
Facebook page
Industry Aadhar Number (UAAN)
Business Register Number (BRN)
SIPF Number (SIPF)

Does The Single Sign On Identity requires some capital or deposits?

the registration and access is completely free for the people belonging to Rajasthan

What are ways to sign-up for SSO-ID Registration?

The different way are as following:
Firstly Google signup
Also Facebook
Secondly Aadhaar card
Thirdly Jan Aadhaar
Finally Bhamashah

Is SSO Good idea?

Yes. It is easy. However it is also creative and thinkable.

Data is secured or not?

The data entered is totally safe

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