RTE School List in India-Right to Education
RTE School List in India

RTE School List in India-Right to Education

Indian Constitution gives the right to Every Citizen for Education. Education is the primary parameter for making a country developed. The literacy rate of the government decides the overall growth of the nation. In this module, we will have a view on RTE School list in India.

Being Literate is the ability to read and write. Furthermore, it also initiates thinking. As a result the development of minds is the requirement to explore. Education provides an individual with a sense to believe and segregate excellent and evil. Off-course Experience is the best teacher. But in the 21st century the conceptual knowledge, mathematical calculation, and reading-writing skills are a must.

RTE School List in India
RTE School List in India

Education Scenario in India– RTE School List:

Number plates, Information brochure, jobs, and other ways of financial as well as self- growth needs Education. Government of India understand the need for Education. Generally, a reputed and professional education in India requires fees. The top colleges and universities do charge outstanding fees for better quality education. Middle class and wealthy families could easily afford the system. But What about the low-income families?

In India, around 33% of families are below the poverty line. The poor children and youths are deprived of Education from recognised universities. Definitely, capital is the main issue. Some of them manage with the loan, but what about others?

In 1950 Democratic world announced the Right to Education RTE School List to every being. But it doesn’t mention the right to affordable Education. It is, however, taking the scenario in concern the central government through the issue of at-most importance.

Government of India RTE School List initiative:

To the Education, in concern, the several protocols are set for the education process. Furthermore Every school and colleges in India are obliged to provide 25% of the admission seats to the students belonging to a low-income family.

Meanwhile, RTE School List initiates the cause of free Education to 25% of students. However, the categorisation of students is already issued depending on the income of the family. The allowance of free Education to the needy created a platform for them to learn. It gave a ray of hope to conquer the education system.

What is RTE (Right to Education)?

As per the Constitution of India Article-21(A) 86th Amendment 2002, Every child from any family, any state, any religion and anycast is offered free Education in any government school. Meanwhile, they also sponsor books, uniform and other requirements. Along with this the private schools also need to reserve 25% of the admission seats for these poor people. The category for economically backward includes:

  1. Scheduled Castes (SC)
  2. Scheduled Tribes (ST)
  3. Other backwards Classes (OBC)
  4. Orphans
  5. Disabled Candidates

RTE School List Some of the details and requirements:

  • Eligible Candidates Include: Economically backward (Weaker) and Disabled Groups (Including Orphans)
  • Age Requirement is: 6 to 14 Years
  • Application period usually begins in: April-May.
  • Selection is entirely based on Entrance Exam or Lottery (Luck based) Result.
  • The official Site for every state is different.
  • Document required to avail the 25% reserved seats are as following:
    • The recent Passport Size Photograph(If possible make it formal with white background)
    • Birth Certificate(Age proof)
    • Identity Proof of Parents as well as students (Aaadhar Card/Voter ID/Driving License, etc.)
    • Caste Certificate (To ensure you belong to defined category)
    • Income Certificate(Income proof for poverty line estimation)
    • Address Proof (Regional verification)
    • Procedure to apply for RTE School List

Procedure for enrolment in RTE School List

  • Firstly Candidates(Students) need to visit the official website
  • Secondly Access the home page depending on the state you belong.
  • Thirdly Visit the New application online button
  • Complete the required credentials. Make sure you enter correct details.
  • Submit the form and download the individual pdf file generated.
  • Have a hardcopy (Printout) of your application form.
  • Parents need to check the details are correct and attest them with the signatures.
  • Attach the required documents, as mentioned above.
  • Submit your application to the respective RTE School from the RTE School List.

RTE School List is as following:

Meanwhile To access the opportunity, the candidates need to know the right place to enroll. RTE School list has released. RTE School includes the state-wise names of schools for the purposes.

Furthermore If you are eager to learn, if desires are high government takes care to uplift you. The 25 percentage of reservation of schemes definitely proved useful to many. The poor household gets an opportunity to excel. 


When will results for RTE 25% Lottery released?

Generally, the results announced in March-April. The new academic session begins in June.

In how many rounds result for RTE will be held?

More than Entrance exam RTE is often reserved by lottery systems. It depends on the school in how many latches the allocation will be held. As per the government schools in concern, usually, five rounds are released. RTE seats are 25% of the overall strength of the students.

Did I need to pay application fees?

If you are eligible for the RTE seat, then you need not pay a single penny if you are selected. Right to Education has entirely made to provide free Education for the needy candidates.

Where can I check my application status or released rounds?

Every state has its own registration portal. However The documents requirement slightly differs. You can check your status and results on the official site of RTE of your specific condition.

What charges are covered under RTE?

Firstly RTE covers the school fees, books and stationery requirements. Whereas, this limits to the government school. In private schools, the tuition fees has waived while rest privileges depend on the committee panel of the school.

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