Khasra khatoni Haryana Land Record Check Online

Khasra khatoni Haryana Land Record Check

Khasra Khatoni

Khasra khatoni Haryana Land Record Check  Before the online Jamabndi system, all work related to the lands and their owners was done on papers. In Online System You can Know information about the lands and the owners of the lands. Haryana online jamabandi system for land records is very popular among the citizens.

Before the online Jamabandi system, people have to face many difficulties to know about land records and their owners. but now becomes easier to know the owner of lands. Before The work of land records like khasra, Khatoni,jamabandi was done manually on papers. But now the government has changed the paperwork online. Now anyone can search about their land and he can know about the owners of the lands.

Haryana Khasra,khatoni,Haryana online Land Record System 2019

Khasra khatoni Haryana Land Record Check

You can check All the lands record of Haryana Like nakal,jamabandi and intkal no. online. There is full information about Haryana land records. Everyone can search online about the lands by putting the khatoni number and khasra number. you will get your jamabandi after putting this important information online. Read the full article to know all about Haryana khasra, Haryana khatoni and all Haryana land records.

Online Comper System For Haryana khasra Khatoni

The computer system for the Haryana land record is much organised and impressive. the online portal for Haryana land records was handled by the official government of India. Because the online System includes all the details and land records of the citizens of Haryana.

Every Citizen can check their land records at home. they do not need to go to the offices of lands records. in offices, there are patavaris they are the only person who has the full records of the lands of the Haryana citizen.they provide all has khatoni number and jamabandi information in details.

Haryana Online khasra khatoni System can Solve The problems of the Haryana land records faster than manually. sometimes the manual records got lost or destroyed by mistake. but in Online system, all the data of Haryana citizen and the details of their land are recorded accordingly.

How to Check Haryana Land records by Khasra number and khatoni number

Everyone can check their land records in Haryana online land verification. you just need to do some simple steps to check the details of the Haryana lands and their owners

* Visit website

Firstly You need to visit the website to check the land records of Haryana.Link –

* Visit the first link- Now You will see many options on the homepage. you can click on anything that you want to know like about jamabandi, mutation, property registration. but if u want to know the details of your lands or want to see jamabandi of your lands. you just need to click on jamabandi option as stated below.

*After clicking jamabandi Nakal You will see many columns like Select District, Sub Tehsil, Select village and Select jamabandi year. you can check the lands records by inserting owner name or khatoni number or khasra number.

* Now you have selected your district and Tehsil And your village And you have select the year that is on top as stated below

*You can also check the jamabandi details by inserting khewat number. After inserting these details You will be redirected to your jamabandi. You can see the owner name and the details of the owner like his village where his land situated and More jamabandi details. you can also print out the jamabandi easily by sitting at home.

* These are the simple steps to Check the Haryana land records by khasra, khatoni and khewat number you can check Anyone details Who you know by inserting their names in the columns. this website is very easy to know the land records of Haryana

Know About Haryana jamabandi 2019

Earlier the records of lands were kept manually on papers and people have to visit offices to know about the details of the land. but after coming of Haryana online jamabandi system it becomes very simple and easy to know Haryana land records 2019 .

The life of people became easy after the coming of haryana online khasra and khatoni system.Even everyone can know the location of the land where it is situated in Haryana land record system.

The activities of land records in Haryana is maintained mannerly by information Technology by the government of India Haryana jamabandi is an online system for recording land details of the Haryana Citizens. by online System, Haryana citizen can know their plot number and they can also know khasra and khatoni number by inserting the owner name in the columns.

Advantages of Haryana online jamabandi System

* Now It becomes very easier than manual work to know the land records and their owner details. Now there is less paperwork in Haryana online jamabandi System.

* Before online Jamabandi system, people go the revenue office to know their land records but now they don’t need to go the revenue offices to know the land records. they can check the details of their lands online on

* This is the official website of Haryana land record system.anyone can check the land details of Haryana by inserting Khasra, khatoni and  Khewat number. By Inserting this important information. He will be redirected to his jamabandi and he can see details of his lands

* The details of lands in Haryana online jamabandi system is available according to date and day in a good manner. People did not get confused when they check the details of their lands

* The information on land and the information of owner address and other information is also available in online jamabandi.


Maps of Haryana lands

If people want to know the location of their lands they can also check the location of their lands

in map. In Homepage, you will see an option of maps you have click on that option. You will be redirected to the map page . just you have to put your address and the location where the lands are situated and then you can see the location of your land in a map, you can see in below picture

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