EWS Certificate Documents Required
EWS Certificate Documents Required

EWS Certificate Documents Required

EWS offers a few special privileges in order to up-front the community. To avail services EWS Certificate documents required. Documents generally used to prove your identity and eligibility to the scheme and service. EWS is the new category for needy people. Indeed in India, there are two categories one is the general and other below poverty line people. However, the categorization doesn’t depend on the caste or religion. 

Indeed, it depends on the financial condition of the household. Special reservations and other privileges also offered to the people in these categories. People belonging to general type can be wealthy as well as the middle class.

EWS Certificate Documents Required
EWS Certificate Documents Required

EWS is the particular category which falls under the general classification in above two. Before 2019 the reservation was only provided to categories like Scheduled caste, Scheduled tribes and other backward classes, with the launch of EWS reservation in 2019 General category people who are not relatively prosperous got an opportunity to have experience of schemes.

On 12th January 2019, The president of India RamnathKovid approved the EWS category and its reservation. Furthermore, the Gujrat became the first state in India to implement the law. This happened on 14th January 2019.

As per EWS reservation law, 10% of the seats has rewarded to these category people in civil posts and jobs. The EWS categorized people will also get 10% of seats in Services of the government of India. However, the category totally differs from SC, ST and OBC. The 25% reservation for these categories didn’t come under the 10% EWS reservation. To get the advantage of these seats, an EWS categorized person needs the EWS Certificate Documents required.

Why EWS Certificate Documents required?

This has the certificate issued to the people in general category merrily based on the income criteria. In the general classification, there is a household with economically weaker conditions. EWS Certificate Document Required to make them fall under the EWS Certificate Category. Indeed it has certificate-based on income and assets. Using this certificate and individual could enrol for the 10% reserved seats in institutions and civil posts. The EWS Certificate Document Required should recognize by the competent authority.

Insights of EWS Certificate Documents required are as following:

  • Certificated has named as EWS and should be recognizable.
  • The law has initiated by the Government of India.
  • The law enacted has named as Economic Weaker Section Bill.
  • It has issued to the EWS categorized people in the general category.
  • EWS stands for Economically Weaker Sections
  • The benefit is 10% of the reserved seats in civil and government services. Also, 10% of jobs have offered in the following category.
  • The validity of the EWS Certificate Document required is of one year. However, the EWS certificate document required can renewed. It could easily done by following the same procedure as before.
  • The application can submitted using online as well as offline mode.

Check how one can access the EWS Certificate Document required?

  1. The person should not include in SC, ST and OBC category.
  2. The yearly income of his or her family should not be more than eight lakhs.
  3. While calculating yearly income, the amount from all the sources also included.
  4. A person having the assets in the following form doesn’t fall in the EWS category:
  • Five acres land and above
  • One hundred square yards residential plot.
  • One thousand square feet of a residential area.

Application fees for EWS Certificate Document Required:

An applicant needs to pay the prescribed charges for the application form. The nominal fee is compulsory to avoid false claims. The amount of fees depends on the governing authority. Furthermore, different states have different fee structure. The amount will vary as per the region.

EWS Certificate Documents Required   

Documents required for the recognition in the category are as follows. The attestation of these is very necessary for making the application successful. Make sure you issue these certificates from recognized Tahasil office. Governmentally approved certificates appreciated.

  • Aadhaar Card(Identity Proof)  
  • Id Proof (Driving Licence/ Voter ID)
  • Affidavit/Self Declaration(Self-attestation to the facts and details provided by you)
  • Land/property documents(To check the eligibility circumstances)
  • Residential proof/Domicile Certificate (To maintain the record of belonging to the particular state. Meanwhile it also appreciated the residential owner notice)   
  • Passport-sized photograph(Recent, make sure you click the picture with white background)   
  • Other relevant documents (Pertinent other forms include the property proof and residential property details. If you are the owner of some other land or plot mention those documents also )

EWS Certificate Document Issuing:

The application could filled using the official site of the state government you belong. The documentation and credentials should followed appropriately.

As you complete the application process, make sure you remember the application number. This number will required to check the eligibility status. Furthermore, the number can also used in purposes like renewal and making the address changes.

Sub-Divisional Officer, Revenue Office, Chief Presidency Magistrate and District Magistrate (DM) /Additional District Magistrate (ADM) have been the authorities who maintained the procedure of EWS document.

These post members are entirely responsible for approval of the application. EWS Document is definitely a better option for ten %seats in the general category.

Application form- Download the application form the given link- Click here


IF I belong to OBC in state govt, may I apply for the EWS certificate? I come under OBC “Creamy Layer” so am i eligible to apply for EWS certificate?

EWS certificate is only acceptable to the economically weaker sections in the general category. As you already belong to the OBC category, you are not at all eligible for the EWS Certification.

What is the full form of EWS?

EWS Stands for Economically Weaker Sections.

What is the overall validity of the EWS Certificate?

EWS Certificate is valid until one year after issue. But generally, the validation can also differ depending on the state you belong. Furthermore, if you are applying for admission using EWS certificate, make sure the certificate is valid for that purpose. While issuing the certificate, one row also needs to mention the reason for giving the document.

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