Parivarik Labh Yojana Insights and Registration Details

Government of India started an initiative to support the Families of Country. The Parivarik Labh Yojana empowers the financial help to the poor and needy households. The NarendraModi government up-fronted the circumstances with this scheme. The transforming India Initiative incorporated the belongings and needs of people.

The National Family Benefit Scheme initiates the amount of Rs. 10000 to the family. An individual belonging to the age category of 18-64 can avail the scheme. The scheme began to help the needy during unexpected deaths. The government started the Parivarik Labh Yojana in order to help the low indices.

Parivarik Labh Yojana

The Agenda of the article includes the following points:

  1. What is the Parivarik Labh Yojana?
  2. Eligibility Criteria for the Scheme.
  3. Government Order.
  4. Important guidelines to follow during form filling.
  5. Process of New Registration.
  6. Beneficiaries.
  7. Help-desk.

Government Order and Regulated Legal Notice states the following points:

  1. The Parivarik Labh Yojana applies to people below the poverty line. The scheme helps the families whose main earning person dies. The death of the head could cause abnormal circumstances in the family. Government of India understands the need for finance during troubled times. An amount of Rs 30,000 will pay to enrolled families. The age of the registered person should accompany 18 to 60 years.
  2. To avail, the pariwarik labh the income of families should come into the below poverty line category. The annual revenue for the family residing in the urban city should be under 56,000 Rs. In comparison, the gross income of the rural family should fall under the amount of 46,000. The dead person can be a man or women but should have payment within the above categories.
  3. The family specifies the including mother, daughter, father and son. Apart from these no other relations are entertained in the scheme.
  4. It is compulsory to enrol for the scheme before one year of the death date. If the death-causing incident happened above the one year limit, it could not consider the scheme.
  5. Government assures the deposits of the amount within 45 days of enrolment and verification. The timely availability of finance is the final aim of the scheme.
  6. Death should cause some accidents. Death due to health issues hasn’t considered for the scheme.

Process of Registration for pariwarik labh (National Scheme for family Benefit)

  1. Firstly visit the official site of Uttar Pradesh ParivahikLabhYojana. It is As soon as you land on the homepage, there will be a detailed list of various schemes. Hit on ParivahikLabh Yojana and proceed.
  2. A form will appear on your screen. It includes the Photograph with some-other details. Fill out the form as per the credential. The Red stared Units are must to filled.
  3. All the details will fill in the English Language.
  4. Make sure you enter the national bank details for the funds. The private banks aren’t accepted.
  5. Using the private bank account will automatically cancel the form.
  6. Using false information and malfunction with the scheme have diverse outputs. The individual indulged with such activities could face a ban from other methods and even put behind bars.
  7. The Tahasil Recognised documents will be only accepted for the verification.
  8. The death-certificate should be availed from the recognised hospital and verified by the respective Tahasil executive.
  9. Make sure the photo identification on the death certificate, the one included by your matches. The difference or malfunction results in suspension of the form.
  10. The photo uploading should be in .jpeg format and should not exceed 20Kb.
  11. Other documents like death certificate, income certificate and others should upload in pdf format. The size should not exceed 20Kb.
  12. As the form is filled with the required units, take the printout and submit it in DSWO office.
  13. Further, after the verification process, the amount will be deposited within 45 days after the application.

Helpline details:

In-order if any difficulties during form filling or rules government have initiated a contact number.

Meanwhile HelpLine Toll-free Number is 18004190001 for Parivarik Labh Yojana.

Furthermore, you can mail them on the official mail-id available on the official website.

Document Requirement and Enclosure.

  1. Firstly Residential Proof: It should be Original stamped from Tahasil executive. Khatiyan has recommended.
  2. Secondly Death Proof: The death should be within one year—death Certificate from hospital.
  3. Thirdly BPL Proof: BPL Certificate.
  4. Income certificate: It should be within the poverty line guidelines for accessing the scheme.
  5. Age Proof: It can be either the birth certificate or any other age proof.
  6. Finally FIR Copy: This is needed to assure death verification.

Methods of Applying are the following

  1. Kiosk
  2. In-person
  3. Online

The objective of the Parivarik Labh Yojana is to incorporate the sudden deaths. For a poor household, when the earning man dies with unexpected death, it becomes difficult to sustain. The financial crises, along with grief, boost the trauma. The government realised this issue and concentrated on Peoples welfare. During 2015 the scheme was founded.

Till the time it has helped many, and in upcoming days it will definitely provide a ray of hope.

Therefore, One who thinks is eligible for the scheme visit the official website and submits an application as early as possible. ParivarikLabhYojana in Uttar Pradesh helped many households to rebuild again.

Questions and Answers related to Parivahik Labh Yojana:

Do I need to pay while enrolling for the National Scheme for family Benefit?

Absolutely Not, the enrolment and form-filling process is free of cost. National Government has initiated the scheme for the people welfare. There’s no funding from citizens side.

My husband died due to Cancer, Am I eligible for the scheme?

Unfortunately NO, the ParivarikLabh doesn’tincorporates sudden and unexpected deaths. Though there exist many other projects, you can avail, which include health compensations. Check the official Site of Government Schemes to access.

Is FIR Compulsory?

In conclusion The document requirements include FIR as need. It provides proof of the sudden death of the individual.

How many days does it take for the number of deposits?

Indeed It may take a maximum of 45 days to the 30,000 Rs deposit in your government bank.

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