Madhya Pradesh Bulekh – land records

Madhya Pradesh Bulekh – land records

Dear Madhya Pradesh people, good news for you! Now you can see your Madhya Pradesh Bulekh land records online sitting at home, on your computer, on the phone. Madhya Pradesh Revenue Department has made all the ground records online. In common language, this facility is known as MP Bhulekh or MP Online Land Records. Through this Feature, you will be able to check Jamabandi Nakal, Khasra Khatauni copy, land map, and many other facilities online.

Madhya Pradesh Bulekh means the land of Madhya Pradesh where people live or the place where people do agriculture land records include various types of details like sale deeds that are maintained by several government departments. It also includes the Records of Rights, Jamabandi Nakal, among vital land-related details. Additionally, the record also includes details such as the location of the land, type of soil, size, and details about the irrigation use of the land and crops.

Now the manual system of land Records Changed into computerized, Now We can get our land details online, we don’t need to go anywhere like government offices, earlier people went to the land record office to know their land details or jamabandi Details.

Now Madhya Pradesh citizens can check their Bulekh records online from the website, If You Don’t Know How You can check Your land records then Don’t worry, You will get all details related to  land records how to access the website and how to know your land records online,

Madhya Pradesh Bulekh – Land records

To Check Your land details, owner details You must know on which name your land is registered or your land khasra or khatoni number, with the help of these you can easily find your Madhya Pradesh land records online and use in future. To view the land record Khasra or Khatoni in Madhya Pradesh, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly you need to visit the official website of Madhya Pradesh land records, The government specially made this website to solve the problem of destroying land papers or other disputes, now all the data is saved online and available 24 hours, the land records are totally safe and they are managed by state government, So to access the website you need to go to website –

madhya pradesh land records

After Visiting the website, You will see many options, like you, will see Map of Madhya Pradesh and many other options, you just need to select the district from the map of Madhya Pradesh Bulekh.

madhya pradesh land records

Then You will be redirected to another page, On That page, you have to select your District and your nearby tehsil.

After You will See ManyVillages as you can see the picture you have to fill the information according to your address and your village or town.

madhya pradesh land records

Then after Click on the blue icon written in Hindi Chune.

After you have to select the year and you have to fill caption and there are many options how you wanna find the land records or jamabandi nakal, So simply You can check the land records details by Landowner name or Khasra number and Khatoni number, you can see the other option in the picture.

madhya pradesh land records

after filling all the important information you can see your land details, Where your land exists, owner name and Jamabandi nakal and it can be used for selling of lands.

madhya pradesh land records

You can also print out the page of your land records, So it can help in the mutation of land or helps in taking loans from banks, Rights of records are very necessary for all people to solve disputes and also needed for selling the lands because it is the only proof that is your land.

Advantages of  Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh

Due to the MP Bhulekh online facility, you will not have to go round government offices repeatedly. Just sitting at home, after a few clicks on your smartphone or laptop, all the information will be in front of you.


Madhya Pradesh online System – Khasra Khatoni

All the State governments are now making the land records digital and computerized because storing manually of land records is a big risk and they can be destroyed anytime by mistake or it can be stolen, But in Computerised System, They can keep all the data safe and secure and use anytime.

Now Citizens can also check their land records anytime and from anywhere, they don’t need to go anywhere for and records, they can get all jamabandi records and Records of Rights sitting at home. The coming of Madhya Pradesh Bhulek will save the time of the people and their efforts and they can use that time in other works If You don’t know What is khasra number you can read below.

What is Khasra?
Khasra is a type of field book or record that includes the details of the land like the survey number, area of land, land revenue, address details, source of irrigation and crop details.

If You don’t know on which name land is registered, you can get the land details, but you Must know Khasra number or khatoni number to get all the land records, The basic information is needed to know the jamabandi Nakal Of Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh.

This information is only for educational purpose and it can not be used in courts for disputes for can comment if you have any Queries related to Madhya Pradesh Bulekh land records and Jamabandi Nakal.

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