How to Check Bihar Land Records – Khasra Khatoni

How to Check Bihar Land Records – Khasra Khatoni

Bihar Apna Bless Online Portal has been set up by the Revenue Land Reforms Department of Bihar Government. With the help of the portal, We can check land records on computers, all the information related to land is now computerised. which has been implemented in the state of Bihar. We can now check Bihar land records online.

You can check all landowner details, Jamabandi Nakal and khasra and khatoni number on Bihar portal. Basically the portal cam into existence by the state government to solve the disputes and for saving the time of Bihar citizens. the account is given below for viewing with all land records online

As we mentioned above, the Bihar government has started the Bhulekh Web Portal in collaboration with the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms. Through this portal, now you can get all the information about Bihar land online from your home. In this article, we are providing you information on how to view Bihar Bhulekh map, your account, Khasra-Khatauni copy, Jamabandi copy online.

Under Bhulekh online portal, you can also see your bhulek hnaksha Bihar Bhulekh map online from the online portal. Under bhulek hnaksha Bihar, you will be given information about all the land online, so that the cycle of farming can continue.

How to check Bihar land records online

land records are very easy to access online, we can get full details of Bihar land records online, but to check the land records we need a device and good internet connection.if you don’t know how you can check your Jamabandi Nakal or land records, Follow mine below steps.

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of Bihar land records. the official website is You can visit the website from the following link. Then you will see many options
  • Then select your district from the map you can see the image below
  • Bihar land records

After selecting the district, You have to select your tehsil


  • Now You have to fill details related to your lands like name, measles number and other details of the land.Bihar land records
  • After filling all important details of the land you will redirect to the land details page, then you can see landowner name, Jamabandi Nakal, khasra khatoni number etc.

Bihar land records

  • you can print out your rights of records and it can be used for solving disputes and helps in selling lands or taking loans from banks. The land details can be used for mutation of lands and help in future.

Benefits of bhulekh online portal

  • As we have already told you. The meaning of bhulekh can be given to land owners like bhulekh map, under which they can also see the ownership of their land and get their rights deposited. If someone has taken possession of the land, then he can also complain about it.
  • Land papers can be acquired easily. With which you can take a loan from any bank and take crop insurance.
    If you want to divide the land, then Bhulekh is very useful.
  • The name of this bhulekh scheme is khasra and khatauni up, you can open your account online. You can get your Khasra number registered with Dal.
  • Under this up bhulekh scheme, you can get the information about the land sitting at home, you will not have to go there at the helm and your time will also be saved.
  • You can also get information about farming under this portal. Link to bhulekh portal

The information you are reading in this article is only for educational purposed, it cannot be used in an illegal way.If you have any queries related to Bihar land records and khasra khatauni, you can comment below,

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