How To Acess Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal – Rajsasthan

How To Acess Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal – Rajsasthan

Apna khata is an online portal for Rajasthan citizen that allows accessing land records, jamabandi Nakal of Rajasthan people, Now all manually work is replaced by Apna khata, now they can get their land records details sitting at home, they don’t need to go anywhere in land records office to know the data of their lands.

Apna khata is available in every city of Rajasthan and in every tehsil, One Can check Their land Records By just filling some important information like khasra number, Khatoni number or landowner name and Pincode of the city or village, And he will get all important details related to the land records and Jamabandi nakal.

The online System of Rajasthan Bulekh is only made for the users for the Rajasthan. When the service is enabled in all states, every state will have different websites to get the Jamabandi Nakal. But the overall process of getting the land records will be almost the same for all websites. So if you are not from Rajasthan State, you can follow the similar steps given below just by visiting the website availed by your state government.

Now Land Records System is safe and it is all computerized if you don’t know how to check land details, Jamabandi nakal, and records of rights, then you came to the right place, you will get all important information related to the Apna khata, follow Below Steps to access Apna khata.

How to check land Records in Apna khata

Apna khata is specially made to solve problems of Rajasthan citizens, So they can check their land records at home without any difficulty, but some don’t how to check jamabandi nakal, khasra khatoni,

This website or online portal offer people to view Jamabandi Nakal Khasra or Khatoni Number, or Map of the land online without any fee. This website or portal gives information about the land of Rajasthan. Follow my steps to access Apna Khata.

  • First of all yo you need to go to the official site of Apna khata. the official website is
  • there is no other website this is the only website of Apna khata to check land records for Rajasthan citizens.just click on the link and you will be redirected to the official website of Apna khata where you can check your land records.
  • After Visiting the Page you will see many options like home and many more, you don’t need to click on any option, just you have to select the district from where you belong, Check below Screenshot how to select the district of your town or city.

Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal

After Selecting the district you simply need to select your tehsil, your village or city nearby tehsil in the map of Rajasthan.

Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal

Now after selecting the District and tehsil, you will be redirected to a page where you have to select your village and some other information, for more information you can check the below picture.

Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal

  • Select your Village, city, and Towns, Now After this, you will be redirected to a page, where you ill have to fill some basic information to check Jamabandi Nakal or land records.

Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal

  • ¬†You Have to Fill your name on which the land is registered and Pincode of your city town, You can check the land records or Jamabandi Nakal by filling khasra number or khatauni number, by filling this important information you will be redirected to your land record details and Jamabandi Nakal.
  • You can also print out the page of land records or jamabandi Nakal, In this Simple way everyone can check their land records by following my steps,

Apna khata is the need of today’s generation of Rajasthan citizens because now there is no use of paperwork and Apna khata is very safe and saves the time of people, earlier people have to spend the whole day in land records office to get their land records or Jamabandi Nakal.

Jamabandi Nakal is a duplicate copy of the original land records. Jamabandi Nakal stands for the records of rights. Khasra or Khatoni Number is an agriculture-related legal document. Khatauni Number based on a list of the plots or land owned by the mukhiya of the family or by all families using Khasras And Naksha based on a Map containing the details about any land.

Online Jamabandi or Rights of Records can be used for selling lands or for taking loans from banks, The Papers of Lands Are very necessary at every step for mutation of land, But now people don’t need to worry about their land records, Their lands records are fully safe and available 24 hours on Apna khata. Anyone can access the land records or Jamabandi Nakal anytime and from anywhere.

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