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Himcare- A Scheme and Support

Himcare is the health Service and security scheme developed by the government of India. In order to preserve the life of our people, we spend on health insurance and various other programmes.

However, few of them works, and few betrays the norms. Under “himcare” programme, the state government of India assure to provide free treatment of rupees five lakh per annum to every family with a maximum of five members.

The registered family with Himcare Card Yojana have access to get free treatment from the subjected hospitals to the pre-defined annual package.

What is Himcare?

Himcare is basically a health service scheme. Importantly it has defined as Himachal Health Care Scheme. During the act of Ayushman Bharat, few families from the premises based on SECC and RSBY (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana) were selected for the privileges by Government of India.

Furthermore, to compensate the uniformity on the coverage of Ayushman Bharat, the State government implemented Himcare Himachal Health Care Scheme in order to provide the cashless treatment to the families. The himcare act came in effect from 1st January 2019.

HimCare Card Apply Online
HimCare Card Apply Online

What is document Requirement for Himcare enrolment?

  1. BPL: Copy of BPL Certificate is mandatory, and it should work by panchayat secretary in recent one-month duration.
  2. Street Vendors (Registered): Registration certificate and identity card. Furthermore, the document has expected to be attested by the executive officer, MC/NP/NAC.
  3. Disabled>40%: Medical disability reports with the proper indication of permanent disability.
  4. Senior Citizen above the age of 70: A recognized identity card and any valid age proof.
  5. Contractual Employees, daily wage workers, part-time workers, and outsource employees have to submit the certification from the concerned department, respectively.
  6. Mid-day meal workers: Importantly need to submit the certificate from block elementary education officer of the concerned area.
  7. ASHA workers: Certificate from Block Medical Officer(BMO) of the concerned area.

For further detailed information regarding the different categories and terms related to unavailability of documents visit the official website for correspondence.

Benefits and advantages if Himcare Scheme (Himachal Health Care Yojana):

  1. Firstly the economy is always a concern for health treatments. Furthermore noticing the higher rate of unemployment, it becomes quite difficult for the poor class people to afford the more top treatments and hospitals. Himcare Yojana provides a subsidy of worth Rs 5 Lakh to a family of 5 members.
  2. Suppose the count of family members exceeds over the limit. Himcare provides an allowance of formation of the second unit with the rest of the family members maintains the count of again 5 per unit.
  3. A pre-defined package have estimated at the time of enrolment. Depending on the hospital assigned behind the scheme, particular treatment could be held at any of the centres. Moreover, the treatment also includes day-care and Inpatient.

Online Registration for Himcare Health Scheme

  1. Himachal Pradesh residents could be able to enrol for Himcare scheme by visiting its official website. hpsbys.in is the official registration site.
  2. The login credentials do include information related to ration card, proof of the category, Aadhaar card and mobile number. Firstly make sure that you enter your ration card number without entering HP. Entering correct credentials is a must.

Upload your document with clear and real pictures. Malfunctioning the report or false information could ban the access of scheme in future. Scanned copies from both faces have expected to upload. In-case you have more than one ration card, make sure you enter zero before the every next card number. These basic protocols have made compulsory to follow for a successful application.

  1. If accessible one can also enrol through Lok Mitra Kendra and Common service centres.
  2. Premiums have to paid using online payment gateways including UPI and Net-banking.
  3. Current enrollments will receive a digital E-card. The beneficiaries are expected to download the same.
  4. Uploading and enrollment charges include Rs 50 per enrollment.
  5. Hardcopy of E-card has to be printed by downloaded cards and will be charged Rs 50.

For checking the enrollment and acceptance status candidate could visit the official site. Secondly, login to the account using the credentials entered during enrollment will open the profile of the candidate. From the drop-down menu, hit on Check Status and the response will be on your screen.

As a result, it is essential to remember the credentials, especially the Ration card number.

Importantly it is to be remembered that, the himcare E-card do have his expiration and renewal period. Every year from January to March, the renewal process is conducted. Apart from this time, an individual won’t be able to access the renewal process.

A bug in Himcare Scheme states that the charges of OPD have not included in the scheme. OPD charges are compulsory to be paid by the individuals.

Himcare Yojana expels the treatment caused due to the following issues:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Consumption: These are the often addiction of the people. Having fallen in such traps damaging the lungs and liver on their choices will not be entertained by himcare. The Yojana specifically concentrates on natural health issues. It is an act of lending help to a needy not to spoil the habits.
  2. Treatments that don’t need hospitalization: Several times, illness get solve by medicines and self-care. In such scenarios himcare prohibits the charges taken under consideration.
  3. Fertility and sterilization: Such medical treatments couldn’t covered under himcare as they being survival. HImcare contributes funding in emergency cases, not for improvisation purposes.
  4. Vaccination, Suicide, Psychiatric problems and injuries due to war are not a part of himcare treatment scheme.

Before enrolment himcare provides a longer list of protocols and rules to has ensured. The policy implies the conditions and scenarios where the scheme is applicable and where not.

Himcare in-turn provides a great initiated platform for needy people. In the country like India, not only Himachal Pradesh but every state could accept the scheme for welfare of the citizens. The funding for the medical approach could be the vital need for the sake of life. Notably, today in times of pandemic its utmost need of the hour.

Himcare related doubts and discussion:

  1. Do himcare have registration fees?

Ans: Yes, himcarecomprise of Rs 50 charge while uploading your documents like Ration card, Aadhaar Card and mobile details.

  1. What is the use of himcare E-card?

Ans: Himcare E-card is the identification that the enrollment for the scheme is successful. It gives you assurance that you could use the scheme in medical requirements.

  1. Is himcare only in Himachal Pradesh?

Ans: Himcare is basically an initiative of state government of Himachal Pradesh. Other states could implement the scheme but practically HP is working according to scheme.

  1. Are all medical charges involved in himcare?

Ans: if the treatment is according to the norms of himcare, then definately it will provide financial support to you. Expect the OPD charges rest all are included in himcare.

  1. Is renewal of e-card necessary?

Ans: Yes, as per the protocol after the specific interval an individual need to renew his or her card.

  1. When is the renewal process?

Ans: Renewal has only conducted in months of January to  March. Every year apart from this duration renewal is not entertained.

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