Bihar bhulekh – Land Records

Bihar bhulekh – Land Records

Bihar is a very big state with a vast population, there’s a lot of land in Bihar for living and agriculture, But Registration is very necessary of lands in today’s generation, If we need all the land records proofs, there will be no disputes or problems for the lands, Earlier people went to land records office to gather information about their land records for Bihar Bhulekh.

But now online portal came into the field of Bihar bhulekh, Bihar state specially made the online site for Bihar citizens to check their land records, Khasra, khatoni Number or Jamabandi Nakal. The task of checking land records is very easy now, people can check their land records sitting at home or anywhere, with the help of a computer or mobile.

Bihar land records

Bihar Bhulekh – Online Land records

My dear friends, today we will give you information about Bihar Bhulekh / Bhulekh Bihar State. Bhulekh means true written information related to the land. In different places of Bhulekh, many names are spoken. Name of Jamabandi, Land records, Land details, Farm papers, Farm map, Account, etc. You can find all the details of Bhulekh with Patwari. All khasra khatoni or Records of rights of lands Available online, the online portal can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Bhulekh truly means the complete description of the land, by this, you can claim ownership of the land. Because it contains all the details of your land. With the documents of land, you can easily take a loan from any bank. Are And you can take crop insurance. To distribute land, land documents, like land papers are very useful and necessary for every in the land.

Good news for the citizens of Bihar. Now everyone can check their account, measles-Khatauni copy, geo-map online. For this, the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms of the Government of Bihar has launched the official website Through this portal, all citizens of the state can get information related to their land. With this, people can take online print of their account, Jamabandi copying, and land map.

Keeping in mind the interests of all citizens, the state government has started this portal (Bihar Bhulekh Naksha). Now you do not have to go round the tehsil to see your account, Khasra-Khatauni copy, land-map. Through the Bihar Revenue and Land Reforms Department portal, you can view or download this information online in your home. All the information on the Bihar map has been computerized and all the land details or other information related to the land is available on the official website of the Bihar land records web portal started by the Bihar government.

Bihar land records

Bhulekh Nakal – Bihar

“Bhulekh Nakal” has real meaning. On the basis of the complete details of the land, you can claim to own the land. Because it has given details of all its land. You can get a loan from any government bank through land documents. You can also get Fasal Bima. If a citizen wants to distribute his land, then a lot of land papers are required. In today’s generation, according to the Mission of India in the Digital Era, the state and central governments are converting land details into digital form. And doing all the information related to the land online. Now every citizen of the state can get all information related to their land, farm, and Jamabandi Nakal through an online website or portal provided by their state government. Through online copy, you can get the land owner’s details like name, area, account number, land classification, tehsil, village, name of the lessee. the following information is very necessary for sales of lands or taking a loan from the bank,

Link to check Bihar land records

Bihar Land records or Khasra khatauni – Click Here

The information is only for educational purpose, If you have any queries you can comment.

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