Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal : State Rajasthan
Apna khata online records

Apna khata Jamabandi Nakal : State Rajasthan

Apna Khata is an online Site For Rajasthan Citizens. This Allows Every Citizen to know their Land Records, and the landowner and where the land exists With the help of Apna khata, Mainly It is an online Portal For Rajasthan,

Now All the land records are checked online, Before Apna Khata the work related to land Was done on papers and people have to go to the Revenue Department to know their land records, But After coming of Apna Khata, We can Check the land records,jamabandi Nakal by sitting at home, We Don’t Need to go anywhere.

Basically the online record and jamabandi nakal is the need of Rajsthan citizen, For mutation of lands, selling of lands, mostly the records of Rights are necessary as proof to solve any disputes related to land.

Apna khata jamabandi nakal


Apna Khata Jamabandi Nakal 2019-20

Rajasthan Citizens can check their land records,jamabandi in Online, they can check their records by filling Details like by name, By khasra, khattoni. Any citizen of Rajasthan can check records online at www.apnakhata.raj.nic.in, This is the official site to check land records and Jamabandi for Rajasthan people.

Now All the land record system is Computerised, All the data related to land records Stored online and Accessed online, the online khata is Especially come to action to provide a copy of the land records, jamabandi to the citizens. In the Earlier Time people went to the land record office to Get their Jamabandi Nakal, but now all the system is online, people can get their land records details, Jamabandi Nakal Details in Very less time, here you will get all information related to Apna khata and jamabandi nakal.

Uses of Apna khata, Rajasthan Jamabandi NAkal, and Records of Rights

  • With the help of Apna khata, People can know their land details, owner name and where the land exists in Rajasthan
  • Records of land help in solving disputes and these are necessary for selling or buying lands. Jamabandi nakal is necessary to know the details of lands and their owners.
  • on the basis of Jambandi Nakla, Land Records, People can apply for the loan from banks.
  • in any disputes The records of rights used as the proof of land record
  • Apna Khata helps to Know Everything Like Jamabandi Nakal, Khasra khatoni, Computerised System is available 24 hours, we can access the land records anytime from anywhere.

Advantages of Apna Khata: Rajasthan State

There are lots of Advantages of apna khata, because everyone knows how difficult it is to go anywhere to know the land records, earlier people spent their whole day in revenue department records office to know the details of Land Records and Jambandi Nakal. There are some advantages and benefits below how Apna khata helps the citizen of Rajasthan in accessing their land records.

  • Now all the work-related to land is computerized and all the data is stored online and helps in finding the land records easily an faster than manually.
  • This helps in Saving Time And efforts before employes stored the land details on papers and sometimes the papers were destroyed, stolen,  But after the launch of the online portal the risk is less, now the details are stored online and it can not be destroyed.
  • With the help of Apna khata people can check their Jamabandi Nakal, Land records, Records of rights anytime,
  • computerized System is faster than manually.

The information is only for educational purpose, one can know their records of lands and Jamabandi Nakal to verify their owner and land details, This cannot be used as a certified copy to be presented at court or for making disputes.



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