Aaple Sarkar Grievance,registration,portal Get Full Details
Aaple Sarkar

Aaple Sarkar Grievance,registration,portal Get Full Details

Aaple Sarkar Grievance The Maharashtra government has recently launched an online portal. It aims to make the government processes simple and smooth.

It has been named as Aaple Sarkar online Portal.



The name has been derived from Marathi. It means ‘Our Government’.


Aaple sarkaronline portal is available at aaplesarkar.mahaonline.gov.in.


This portal has made the life of Maharashtrians easier. Now this portal has become an instant hit among the people.


Truly an innovative idea!



Aaple Sarkar Registration


You can register directly from the official website.



This portal will help you to get benefits offered by the government from your home.


Also, an applicant can claim for certificates offered by the government by just visiting this website. It’s not at all necessary to visit the respective offices and waste your precious time.


We have compiled everything you need to know about Aaple Sarkar portal here.

It includes everything related to registration at the portal to the facilities offered by it.




Why has government launched Aaple Sarkar online portal?




Technology has evolved at a faster pace. Everything has changed. The way we communicate, the way we purchase etc etc, the list is unending.


Technological advancements have reduced the duration of work processess. The speed of trains, the speed of communication etc



All the private businesses, banks etc have adopted to the new advancements.


But still the government working process is old and slow. The Maharashtra Government has acknowledged this scenario. Thus, to break free from traditional way of working and to boost the soeed, Aapla Sarkar portal has been launched.




Maha e Seva Kendra Registration


Aaple Sarkar portal has solved many problems of people through its website. In the previous time, people from villages had to travel back and forth for many small works to the muncipality.


They had to stand in queue waiting for a long time and then visit again for something else. But now, it’s easy to apply for any certifications.


Now you have to just enter few mandotary details and you can instantly apply for them.


Also, government has confirmed that your request or application would be answered immediately.


You can check the table below to understand the portal’s services and functions.




Services offered by Aaple Sarkar online portal


The government has brought a stop solution for many of our needs. They have ensured that the most government services are available on it.



So here we have brought a list of services available on this portal. In other words you can apply or request for anything related to these services.


  • Revenue Department
  • Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department
  • Labour Department (Aaple Sarkar Liquor Permit)
  • Water Resources Department
    Industries Department
  • Forest Department
  • Department of Registration & Stamps (IGR)
  • Department of Co-Operation Marketing and Textiles
  • Law and Judiciary Department
  • Home Department
  • Transport Department
  • Industries Department
  • Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
  • Housing Department – MHADA
  • Housing Department – Mumbai Building


  • Repairs and Reconstruction Board
  • Housing Department – Slum Rehabilitation Authority
  • Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran
    Urban Development
  • Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
  • Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
  • Nagpur Municipal Corporation
  • Social Justice and Special Assistance Department




And many, many more…





How to use this mahaonline portal:


The Aaple Sarkar portal has been launched by the government for the residents and native if Maharashtra. Anyone living in Maharashtra can avail the benefits of these online services.


Here you can get your salary certificate, birth certificate,age, death, or any other certificates issued by the state government.


To get these certificates you are supposed to register on the portal.



How to register on Aaple Sarkar portal



The registration process on the portal website is very easy and quick. To avail any services on the portal under Maharashtra Right to Public Service Act of 2015 you need to register.


Here’s how you can register on the portal.


  1. First visit the Aaple Sarkar online portal from here.


  1. On the homepage of the website you will find names of services offered by the portal. On the left side, there’s a space for existing users to log in. There you will find a button for new users to sign up.
  2. Now you will be redirected to a new page. By default, the page gets loaded in Marathi, but you can change the language to English. Also you can either fill the form in English or Marathi. Press Ctrl+d for Marathi input.
  3. Here, you will have 2 choices. Firstly, you can enter your phone number and verify your number. Secondly, you can verify your identity by uploading documentary proof. First choice doesn’t require you to upload documents.(But later you will need to upload documents as proof.)
  4. On choosing first choice you will have to select your district. Then you have to enter your 10 digits phone number and click ship OTP. Now, create your username and password (you can enter it as per wish but make sure to note it down) Later, add all the documents as per the requirement.
  5. On choosing the second choice you will have to enter more details about you. For example, name, gender, father’s name, occupation etc.
  6. Now, upload your photograph and read the disclaimer. Then, click the tick. After completing all this click on the register button.


Congrats! You have successfully completed registration.





Required documents


You will require the following documents to complete the registration.


Make sure to keep a scanned copy of the below documents.


  • One latest photograph of the applicant
  • One Photo id proof
  • Electrical energy invoice
  • Lease receipt or Phone invoice
  • tax receipt of property
  • Copy of property papers
  • Water invoice



Any of the following documents will be considered as photo id proof.


  • Voter Id Card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Paper of properties in Maharashtra



How to get certificates from this portal


As mentioned earlier, you will get all the certificates which are issued by the state government from here. The process of applying for certificates is very simple.


  1. First of all register on the site and then login.
  2. Search for the department from which you need a certificate.
  3. For example if you need an income certificate, you will have to choose the Revenue Department.
  4. Upload all the necessary documents.
  5. Fill up the details as required and submit it.
  6. Now you will get an income certificate




Now you know everything about the Aaple Sarkar portal and it’s registration process.

In case of any further query, leave a comment below. We will be more than happy to help you.

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